Nr 1117 / 20 IX


O. VI to L. dz. 8662 / tjn / 44 / September 20, 1944


Results of American flights carrying equipment for Warsaw on September 18, 1944.

 [Prepared. O. VI staff NW]

The following took off:

Fortresses, each with 12 containers – 110

Fighters in 2 groups – around 120

The following turned back en route: 3 fortresses

Take offs: 2 fortresses

2 fighters

Total: 4 planes

In total, about 1,250 containers were dropped over Warsaw (each containing around 100 kg net of equipment). In the following ratio:

About 200 containers in the Żoliborz district

Around 750 containers for the Śródmieście district

Around 300 containers for the Mokotów district

Total about 1,250 containers

According to the reports collected by September 20, 1944, the results of the drops were as follows:

1. Żoliborz: Failure/ missed drops, the containers landed in the area of Góry Szwedzkie on sites held by the npla (code) about 4 km west of the destination.

2. Śródmieście : The center of the drop northeast of the target. The containers were collected in the northern part of the area. Some of the containers, probably from this group, landed in the Wisła (river) and Praga district.

3. Mokotów: The center of the drop approx. 2 km to the east of the target, the containers dropped on the outskirts of their own fighting groups A night operation was planned for their recovery.

More detail is not available for the time being.

Up to now, the pickup of approx. 130 containers has been officially confirmed, i.e., over 10% of the total and over 17% dropped in the Śródmieście district.

It should be expected that the receipt of a large number of containers, especially those containing food, will never be officially confirmed, as they will be immediately consumed by the population. The same applies to equipment that has fallen on areas only weakly held by the enemy, where the weapons will probably be secured.

Further confirmation of receipt is to be expected, which will increase the number of containers already accounted for.

Source: Piotr C. Śliwowski archives

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